The Movement of Stretched Out Faith

Ever try to say you will do something and it just doesn’t seem to work out? It causes one to find an answer to the question of why. God has been through sermons I’ve heard lately offered an answer to the  why question. Here are some biblical accounts in the ninth chapter of Matthew.

A certain ruler came to Jesus requesting his daughter be brought to life, and Jesus agreed to follow him to his house.

However, there was a woman who had been bleeding uncontrollably for twelve years. Her plan was to go to Jesus and touch his garment to get completely well. After she touched him, he turned around and saw her, telling her it was her faith that made her well.

Later in that same chapter, two blind men approached Jesus, pleading for his mercy. Jesus asked if they believed he could provide the answer they were looking for in giving them sight; their response was yes. After Jesus touch their eyes, he told them according to their faith, their sight would be restored.

Eventually with the ruler Jesus got to the ruler’s home where his daughter was, telling everyone that the girl was not dead, but asleep. He took her by the hand and she arose. being restored to life.

There is a common thread in each of these accounts:

  • there was a problem that needed to be solved. This was particularly true with the woman, she tried to solve it on many occasions, but it didn’t work. The fifth chapter of Mark gives more detail on her plight; after spending all her money on medical bills, she didn’t better, but only got worse. By that point, she was penniless.
  • Jairus was the ruler’s name whose daughter was sick, and he got word while trying to get Jesus to come to his house that his daughter was dead. He still had a problem that needed to be solved, and it appeared his plan of getting Jesus to come would not work. Yet Jesus said to Jairus not be afraid, but only believe.
  • the blind men thought if they could get to Jesus and ask for the type of mercy only He could give, they would receive their sight.

They all had a plan. Do you have one? Maybe that is why your Why question can’t be solved. This week I thought of all my solutions that seemed to fall through the cracks. I have had good ideas, and they  don’t seem to work. Perhaps that is the issue here: it is my plan, but with no power behind it.

In each of the above accounts, all had a plan, and it was to see Jesus, the One they thought would be the answer. But with that plan, they had a force of energy, a fuel that would enable the plan to work. If you read each of the accounts, Jesus told Jairus not to be afraid, only believe. He asked the blind men if they believed he was able to restore their sight. After the woman with the issue of blood was fully healed, Jesus told her it was her faith that cause her answer to become reality.

Neither of these people sat on the solution. Their faith that it could happen caused them to stretch out and enable the solution to come, moving from the realm of an idea into the atmosphere of reality, causing healing to come to themselves and to a father’s daughter.

What fuel do you have that causes the problem solving to become reality? Each person listed above had movement: the movement of faith that caused them to cover the problem in the energy of faith. they believed God can make all things possible. Utilize your faith fuel in prayer, asking for help like these people did. Stretching out may not be so scary after all. Why not give it a try? I can tell you this week I have, and while I am still one in progress, I see that stretching out has value, and I (and you) have to at least try to live life in this movement called faith…

Be Strengthenized…