Oh, La La….

The title is part of the chorus of a song from Hillsong (Elevation Worship sings it a lot) called Let Go, a song that was ringing in my head as I woke up for the day:

So I let go, and I let love, Show me life like it's s'posed to be
An oasis, here awaits us, All the freedom I'll ever need
Now I'm alive, Oh La La, Oh La La, when I let go, then I find life
Oh La La, Oh La La, when I let go, then I find life

Today I decided to take my mother’s clothes I had cleaned to her, not staying long, but asking her how she was before I left. Initially, things were going okay until she shifted the conversation to a place I did not want to go: her bank account, something we ‘discussed’ many a time. The usual questions were asked (what bank is my monthly check going to? When I told her where it was, she stated she was told there were no branches nearby. So she asked again just where is her check.)

Having my own financial issues (being temporarily laid off as a federal government employee and receiving no pay check due to lack of a federal government budget), I truly was not in the mood to go yet another round of explaining to her she need not worry, as her check was going toward her nursing home expenses. As is usually the case, the more I tried to explain, the more it was not registering in my mother’s mind, which was the monthly check gets directly deposited in her checking account, I write a check to pay her monthly expenses, and that’s it. There are no other bills.

“Well, it seems like you never have a concern about this”, she responds, something she usually says, as though she is blaming me for not being worried like her about her finances. Not wanting to got down this familiar road yet again, I quickly told her good-bye and swiftly left.

Before I got to the nursing home, I heard a song entitled Never Alone, by Tori Kelly. I got so into the song I missed my turnoff and had to backtrack. When I got back to my car to drive home, I turned on the radio and heard the following lines from songs that were being played:

  • What a Friend we have in Jesus…
  • There ain’t nothin’ that’s gonna steal my joy
  • Holy Spirit You are welcome here…
  • In Your Presence I find peace of mind

As I continued to drive, something popped in my head; could it be that God was creatively speaking to me through song? Perhaps He was letting me know that because I have a friend in Him, I am never alone, all is okay, and I have a source to obtain the peace of mind that only He can give, encouraging me to let nothing steal my joy when situations (and sitiations) arise. I have to let it go, for when I do, that is when the oasis of life can be experienced.

Oh La La…