Positive Report

I remember recently (perhaps last week if not before) I prayed for my mom. I prayed for her healing, also stating that God was in control yet asking Him for his help. She has been so much in mental confusion, and I had concerns, not knowing how far the dementia had taken her.

Yesterday the nurse practitioner called me to review blood test results of my mother. She stated for a woman her age (she’s 86), her test results were great, blood pressure was down, cholesterol was normal, and had not tested positive for a follow up test of the virus. We further discussed and agreed to eliminate some medications while lowering others.

Also discussed was my mother’s concern about experiencing depression and that the psychologist would be visiting her tomorrow. I asked about what level of dementia she was at, and the answer was the moderate stage. She loves to eat, can communicate well, and other than the mental confusion, she was not at the advanced stage.

I found it surprising that when I scheduled a visitation with her last week, I was told that when they told her she was very excited and couldn’t wait to see me. I was glad to hear that, as there have been times she called me, we got into an argument, and would hang up on me. And I was happy I brought her some lunch, which she enjoyed.

I thanked God that in His way He answered my request. It was great to get some positive news, while being informed that the nursing home was taking care of my mother.