Thursday evening as I was with my neighbor who assisted in getting my mother off the floor, he told me in my mother’s eyes I am her everything. Here’s the problem with that thought process:

No one should be thought of as one’s everything.

Yes, I am her caregiver. Yes, I try to help as much as possible. But there comes a moment in time when there is just so much I can do…and can’t do. Here’s something else:

Caregivers must know their limitations.

To caregivers everywhere, as we have begun a new year, let the remaining 364 days of this year be filled with the knowledge that we are human like everyone else. We are not superhuman, though I am sure we try. Be continually cognizant of the fact that we must take care of ourselves. We can’t be much to those we care for if we are sick. Finally,

You are not your loved one’s savior.

If you were you would be God. Newsflash: You are not. But to the believer, there is One who is; and it is  not you, so take the pressure off yourself. Know that you are not someone’s everything, be aware of what you can and cannot do, and you are not savior. But you are encouraged that God can be your everything, as you continue in the everyday goings on of caring for others.

Hope this helps…


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