The Pistis Diet

If your challenge is to lose weight and get physically healthy, the goal is to exercise and go on a diet to change your eating habits. Many experts say that going on a diet should not be the goal. How many times have we gone on a diet to lose weight, only to gain the weight back once off it? So the experts say change your habits, and develop a lifestyle that you can follow for life.

So I introduce to you the Pistis Diet. Pistis is the Greek word for faith.  If you do a word study on faith, you will find the word has further definition, “faith buddies” if you will, that aid in its description. You will find words like persuasion, confidence, assurance, to name a few. If you try this Pistis Diet, you will develop a foundation of hope. You will discover that faith is the underbelly of a belief system that enables one to move in the direction of being confident and assured, knowing that faith will come through.

Jesus many times used faith in complimenting someone’s actions. Take for example the woman with the issue of blood. She purposed in herself to exercise pistis that enabled her in her weak feeble condition to push her way through the throngs of people to get to Jesus and touch the hem of his garment, the place where the Lord told the children of Israel to look at as a reminder of remembering the commandments, to do them and be holy unto the Lord (Numbers 15: 37-40). As she touched him, Jesus felt virtue or power leave him as she was being healed of her illness. When she explained why she touched him, Jesus called her Daughter (that she was his child), telling her the pistis or faith she was induced to believe of him is what made her whole. Then he told her to go in peace, being made whole and fully restored to health.

So what is your faith foundation? Is it on your own efforts, like trying to lose weight temporarily only to gain the pounds back? How about being fully persuaded that regardless of the state you are in, having the confidence and assurance that God has your back, and will reward you for your level of faith in Him, in His power, by His Word through His works? Try the Pistis Diet and watch your life change.

“And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.”  Matthew 5:34



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