Knowing Your Blessings

It’s been a while since I have added a post to this blog, as a lot of things have happened:

  • constant arguing with Mom (particularly her coming to the edge of my bed at 3-4am and yelling at me, accusing me of stealing something) added to stress and loss of sleep
  • one argument in a car made things come to a head for me. I emotionally lost it, and after talking to many friends, I decided to stay at a hotel for a few days; time away from the situation helped tremendously; I enjoyed the quiet of the room
  • it was decided that I move out, which I did earlier in the month

For the past couple of week, and especially this past week I noticed something was wrong with my mother. She was talking like she was delusional, and for seniors in her age bracket that could mean she has UTI, or urinary tract infection. Secondly, she was found outside in the cold in her nightgown by neighbors. This led me to get her to the hospital, and tests confirmed she had UTI.

So here it is Christmas Eve, and while it is good to get some unpacking done in my new place and enjoy some quiet, I feel a bit down. After thinking a bit, I  had to acknowledge some things:

  • Space in this blog will not afford me to describe the blessings God provided in arranging for me not only find a place to live, but to move earlier than expected, and have the finances to do so.
  • Though the attempt to get my mother to an assisted living facility failed (one piece of paper was not faxed and the move-in date had to be postponed), now that she is in the hospital (at least for now), my concern for her living by herself has been eliminated. For now she is being watched by a medical staff who administers her medications, and she is safe.

Initially, I thought I was not getting any gifts and not being with any family members like many families are on Christmas.  I will be spending Christmas alone, taking time to go to the hospital to see my mother, then going back home. But after further thought, I realized God has already given me presents by way of protecting my mother with concerned neighbors (also caregivers) who saw her outside and got her back in her apartment. He provided a gift by providing another neighbor to help in getting my mother in my car so I could get her to the hospital.  These are more blessings I and my mother have experienced.

It is because of this and even more that I am aware that for this Christmas, God has provided gifts in the form of blessings of protective solutions, working situations out in a way that could not have been accomplished if I attempted to solve things in my own strength.  For that I am grateful.

So for caregivers everywhere, I hope you get to unwrap a Christmas gift, but know you have many presents that have already been opened and experienced. I hope you have the gift of rest (if only for a few hours), a present of a call from a caring friend, to name a few. I hope you unwrap a load of presents that will give you the strength to continue caring for your loved one, and the peace to strive on knowing you have many blessings…

Merry Christmas, Caregiver.


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