New Beginnings

From the encouragement of friends, I begin this blog. This is new territory for me, and my feet are not grounded in what I consider to be new ground. But as the feet settle, I hope to create a blog about a journey, one I did not anticipate nor plan to take, but one I am doing nonetheless. I hope many will read and be encouraged and respond. This is what my blog is about…

On October 4, 2015, my mother called me, and she didn’t sound coherent. Eventually I went to her apartment and to make a long story short, the more we talked, the more strange it became. With the help of friends we got to the hospital on the directive of the physician on call; the staff there thought she had a urinary tract infection (or UTI), which can cause hallucination. But that wasn’t it. Later, my mother was diagnosed with dementia…

The past three weeks have been heart wrenching, coupled with feeling guilty for being an only child who put her in a nursing home while knowing it was the best decision to make, hearing the hurtful words from her mouth and trying not to have them take up residence in my mind, and on and on it goes. What has been my friend during this time is writing, and I hope to do so on a daily basis here. So join me as I continue on this journey with my mother, making the day to day steps with her, and the faith component that keeps me moving.


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