How can you be all in when you’re all out of answers?

There  is a commercial that advertises a tutor program where one mother tells others that she has tried many things to help her son do better in school, but he was still failing. she throws her hands up and says “I’m all out of answers.”

I believe many caregivers come up with the same conclusion. Loving their loved ones the best they can, yet not understanding why dementia has made a visit to their family is challenging. There are no answers to this, and in my situation with my mother I am still trying to find those same answers, and so far I have none. What can one do when there are no answers?

In the ninth chapter of the gospel of Mark, there was a father who was all out of answers. His son was exhibiting strange behavior, and had done so since he was young. No doubt the loving father tried for years to get help for his son but to no avail. So he tried one last thing, going to Jesus for help. As it turned out someone else other than the son needed help as well: the father, who said he believed, but needed with the areas of his belief system where he didn’t believe. “Lord I believe, but help thou mine unbelief.”

This caregiver may not have known that he needed help, possibly because he was so focused on the issue of his son, searching for answers, only to discover there were answers he needed to find. Jesus told him “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.” Not long thereafter the answer came regarding his son.

Though the father was all out of answers, he had enough belief left in his faith vault to act and go to Jesus, and for that I applaud him. In his tiredness, his despair, and in areas within regarding lack of belief, he went anyway, ……not knowing if anything could be done. To caregivers everywhere, and on this Sunday, if Jesus is not involved in your life, I suggest you invite him in, not just for the situation you are living in with your loved one, but for life as a whole. Be all in and ask him in.

Being all in means you admit to him you are a sinner and believe he died for you. Being all in means asking him into your life. Being all in means you no longer want to live life alone, but want Jesus to rule and reign in your life. So pray this to him, and once you do, you are in his kingdom, and heaven will be rejoicing. Find a bible believing church to join and start reading the bible and get answers to how to live this new life.

I can’t guarantee total healing for your loved one, and your situation may not improve. But one thing I can say: God promised he will not leave you nor forsake you, and you are not in this battle alone.


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