After talking for over 90 minutes yesterday with my mother about her check book, she called me early this morning and we had to go over everything again. UGGHHHH…

I wrote and posted earlier this morning before going to church. Once I got there, I was encouraged…

  • Praise and Worship: Yvonne gave a testimony of how she had a driving license for years but never drove. She felt led to get herself behind the wheel, and now she is a confident driver, even buying her own set of wheels in the process. She ended by saying “nothing is impossible with God” She also spoke of Ephesians 3:20 (now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ask or think…). Sounds familiar… Later the team sung a song called Jehovah Jireh (meaning God will supply all needs).
  • Pastor Terry spoke of looking at things not from the familiar but in new and different ways, having different thoughts and being open to them.
  • friends approached me saying I will have my answer this week, and that God knows what I need. Others gave me other alternatives that could be a possible solution regarding my mother.
  • Pastor Andy assured me he would be praying for me and that I am not in this alone.

Today I feel light in my head. I not only had dinner but I could actually taste the flavor of the food for a change, a true blessing.  I am fighting internally not to mentally search for solutions, but to fully give it over to God to handle it. I admit this is hard for me to do. Between yesterday and today, I have had to verbally and out loud tell myself to stop trying to solve this by myself; that is God’s job and to trust him to present the solution to me…



2 thoughts on “Addendum…

  1. I was so glad to hear that you started this posting most of all to share your experience. I had the same experience with not only my mother by my cousin, and my uncle, two aunts, a uncle,a son, and a sister the last three back to back. Being a nurse people think its easy but when it comes to family it can be very hard. I relate to you with them repeating topics you spoke about the day before. I remember a cousin asking me if she should take her mom my aunt off the respirator and how hard it was to answer. But thank God i knew they were all saved not saying no more the easier. But some people did get saved through this whole situation. So to make a long story short i gave it all to the Lord and witness to other family members. Unfortunately my cousin still does not go to church except to funerals her and her my brothers are the only ones left and our children. But other family members gave their life to Jesus before leaving including my son who died at the age of 35. His birthday was Mischief night but the staff at University Hospital said he was praying when they brought him in. . But i remember praying at thei bedside the scripture my grand mom gave to me the 23rd Psalm. When these things happen get a scripture that you know will bring you memories of that person and watch How God will give you peace that passes all understanding. Whether your family members stay or they go to be withj Jesus His peace will be with you. Please forgive if i have mistakes.


    • Hey Naomi!
      Thank you so much for your comment, you are my first one! Wow, you definitely have experience in this issue.
      I will keep blogging, and please keep reading…Debra


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